Xserve Support

The Xserve has been discontinued. We've got your replacement...

Apple has announced the end of life for the Xserve family of rack mount server hardware. What does this mean for you, the Xserve customer?

Apple recommends that you upgrade your Xserve hardware to Mac Pro or Mac Mini hardware. These systems support nearly all of the software functions of Xserve, but neither provides the data center ready form factor and remote LOM management functionality of Xserve. Given those limitations, you may decide to migrate to another server platform such as Windows or Linux.

If you decide to migrate to Windows, Group Logic can help as we provide a range of software tools to support Macs connecting to Windows servers, such as ExtremeZ-IP Server which provides Mac file and print server functionality. We support those tools with a strong technical support team well versed in multi-platform solutions. In response to customer feedback, we’ve also modified our pricing to provide flexible licensing options for a range of enterprise requirements and launched a new education pricing program for campus-wide deployments.

The Windows ecosystem has a wide range of tools that support your Xserve transition and supports nearly all of the critical functions that you need to replace. Group Logic and our partners in the Enterprise Desktop Alliance are just part of the extended ecosystem for integrating Macs into the infrastructure.

For more details on this announcement and your alternatives to Xserve, please take a look at our Xserve End of Life – Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Xserve End of Life.
This FAQ answers common questions related to the Xserve end of life announcement and Xserve alternatives.